T Heard and Paso

Cash Committee

They call themselves the Cash Committee. As two individual rap/hip hop artists come together for a grand sound, they both recall the startup of it all. "We grew up  together for about 10+ years," THeard said. He admits that Paso was the first one to ever buy a beat from him which is one of the reasons why he kept pushing with pursuing music. Paso believes that they make each other better. "Everytime we record  a song, we are improving," he added. 

Some of their biggest dreams are now in full manifestation. Young and full of promise, Paso still sees himself as a leader, millionare and actor. "I used to do plays in school and I was good at remembering my lines," he said. This has intertwined his mastery memory skills, with now writing his own lyrics and recording them.

Similar to his choice of food; clean and light, T Heard prefers to lean more towards the classic  business investor side. Teddy Kendricks and old school tunes play a part in his current music to date. Having to find a way to take care of himself, he needed music more than he needed his preferred sport; basketball. This combination of sauce would get familiarized to the 'Amigos' as they both agree they are like brothers. 

Fashion sense is a must in the music industry. "As long as I am the freshest in the room, I feel alright," Paso chuckled on with his commentary and laughed briefly. With ones' style being sometimes spiffy and hard to explain, T Heard makes sure to be  seen sporting key pieces he notices around the city. "I can be out and spot something fresh as hell and unique and be like, "I gotta get something like that or exactly like it," he urged on to say.Nothing but lit music can come out of this newfound group!

Currently they have recorded with Kurt Clayton. The song is called, 'Lately'. They have a tape together called 'Locked In' and they plan to eventually perform at the FedEx Forum venue. If you wish to contact this dynamic duo for booking/shows: Marcus Gibbs 901-503-3429